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The Highly Respected Sergeant Orillo

You have probably heard the name Sergeant Orillo mentioned many times when talking about law and order.  We can cite him as a good police officer because he serves as a good role model to many police officers.  Orillo had a huge grin when he was in the company of friends, but in business, he had a frown big enough to keep you at a distance.

The good thing about Orillo is that he did not mince matters. He called a queen ‘a queen’ and dealt with the devil with authority and conviction. He picked up any child on the street and took him directly to school.  During a curfew he picked up any violator and applied the due punishment.  Anybody sagging his pants on the street would immediately raise it when he saw Orillo and those who did not were stopped and ordered to tuck in their shirts and wear their pants appropriately.  He purposefully raised some pants to an embarrassing level that the person would never sag again.  Orillo crawled through bushes to catch a suspected drug user. He patiently hid behind corners to catch the dealers of drugs and other criminals.  Nine o’clock meant nine o’clock for the closure of stores and 12 meant exactly 12 when it came to closing a bar establishment.  If a fight ever broke out at a dance after 12 midnight, that was the end of that event, and everyone had to clear the area after his command.

Let’s cut it short.  He was feared by all law breakers but he gained the respect of the community which he protected with teeth and skin.  

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