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Easier Traveling with Machine Readable Passports for Belizeans

In March of 2009 the new machine readable CARICOM Passports were introduced to Belizeans and the country became the twelfth and last country in the CSM to introduce the passports. This was done as part of aimed measures of promoting hassle-free travel for CARICOM Nationals within the region.

The Belize CARICOM passport was intended to create awareness that Belize is an integral part of the regional Caribbean Community, being uniquely Belizean and still be a national document.

The current hand-written passports are not being recalled or phased out in anyway and it will continue to be valid until its date of expiry. It is highly recommended to get the machine readable passports for easier travelling as most countries prefer it. The passport is more widely accepted and there is less hassle when entering another country as it speeds up the process at the immigration departments.

There are three colors of passports: blue for ordinary citizens, green for service personnel, and red for diplomats. The passport will be valid for ten years, has forty-eight pages, and entitles Belizeans to an automatic six month stay in member states.

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