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Belize Public and Bank Holidays 2013 Announced

It is notified for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2013 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act:-

Day                                   Date                                         Occasion
Tuesday                            January 1st                               New Year’s Day

Monday                            March 11th                                 National Heroes and Benefactors Day
                                                                                           (in lieu of Saturday, 9th March)

Friday                               March 29th                                 Good Friday

Saturday                          March 30th                                 Holy Saturday

Monday                            April 1st                                     Easter Monday

Wednesday                      May 1st                                      Labor Day

Monday                            May 27th                                    Sovereign’s Day/Commonwealth Day
                                                                                           (in lieu of Friday, 24th May)

Tuesday                          September 10th                          St. George’s Caye Day

Saturday                        September 21st                            Independence Day

Monday                           October 14th                                Pan American Day
                                                                                            (in lieu of Saturday, 12th October)

Tuesday                          November 19th                            Garifuna Settlement Day

Wednesday                    December 25th                             Christmas Day

Thursday                        December 26th                             Boxing Day

Minister of National Security
Minister Responsible for Holidays

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