SITCA Meets in Belize to Strengthen Tourism in Region

Belize was host to one of its most highly technical international meetings of the year, that of the Central American Integration System (SICA). On Friday, November 30, 2012, SITCA hosted a press briefing with local media at the Villas at Banyan Bay in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The significance of this assembly of the Central American countries representatives, Government and private sector, was to review the progress of tourism initiatives and to structure a way forward as a unified regional body.

This one-day  high level discussion acted as a platform for invested bodies, such as CATA, the Central American Travel Agency, which is governed by the Private Sector, will engage in dialogue about its future as well as the impact of past restructuring efforts by the SICA countries.  Other tabled discussions were made by the Central American Tourism Integration System (SITCA) as well as the layout “2013 Action Plan,” for SICA and the update on the 2013 CATAM Tradeshow.

SITCA Meets in Belize to Strengthen Tourism in Region

SITCA is the governing body for the seven (7) Central American Countries, each sending representatives. These representatives include: The Minister of Tourism and Culture for Belize, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.; Minister of Tourism for Nicaragua, Mario Salinas Pasos; Minister of Panama Tourism, Salomon Shamah; Vice Minister of Honduras Tourism, Synthia Solomon; Vice Minister of El Salvador Tourism, Walter Aleman; Vice Minister of Costa Rica Tourism, Juan Carlos Borbon; and the Director of Tourism of Guatemala, Pedro Pablo Duchez. Special attendance will also be made by the Platinum SICA member (AVIANCA-TACA) and the investment tourism project for Mexico FONATUR.

This annual meeting of the Central American Countries was set for the ending of 2012, as the budgeting for initiatives January – December 2013 for these countries takes place prior to the New Year. It is also a high level meeting for SICA as major tourism projects being discussed will be finalized and/or approved, all in a continued effort toward progress and in turn the building of the economy.

SITCA Meets in Belize to Strengthen Tourism in RegionSITCA Meets in Belize to Strengthen Tourism in Region

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