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Belize’s Brand Position and Tourism Number Worldwide

Belize in Brand Position Number 148 for Trade and in Number 114 for Tourism according to the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2012

Belize is in position number 148 for Trade and in position number 114 for Tourism, winning 21 positions in Trade and losing 2 positions in Tourism. These numbers come from Bloom Consulting that just recently announced the release of the 2012 Bloom Consulting Country Branding Ranking©, now even more accurate with the incorporation of Online Search Demand (OSD).

The 2012 Bloom Consulting Country Branding Ranking© is a thorough study measuring the effectiveness of each country’s brand strategy, separately evaluating the trade and tourism country brand strategies, and comprising of 160 and 161 countries respectively.

The ranking relies on hard facts, which include the economic performance and the economic growth of countries. For tourism these are represented by the annual intake and the annual growth rate of global tourist receipts. For trade these are characterized by the annual intake and the annual growth rate of global FDI inflow. This hard data is accompanied by soft facts, thereby measuring the economic impact of each country’s brand strategy.

Overall, the USA retains its’ top spot and Asian countries reinforce their position in the top 25. In Trade, despite 13 out of the top 25 coming from Europe, the 2012 Ranking markedly showed strong growth distributed among all continents. Four other noticeable improvements were Brazil (11), Australia (12), India (15) and Kazakhstan (19) joined for the first time the top 25 performers.

For Tourism, Asia, in particular performed extremely well in the 2012 Ranking. Eight Asian countries finished in the top 25, with China as number four. Aided by both strong tourism receipts and CBS Ratings ©, Thailand (6) and Malaysia (14) significantly improved from last year. For the first time, Macao was evaluated as an individual country and finished with a bang at number eight.  A notable absence was Japan.

About Bloom Consulting
Bloom Consulting is a strategy consultancy specialized in country branding and works closely with presidents, monarchs, ministers and institutions in order to define their Country Brand strategy, establish their vision, and implement it. Bloom’s clients include the Bulgarian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish governments, and also regions such as Madrid, Castilla y Leon in Spain, and center and the southwest regions of Portugal.

José Filipe Torres founded Bloom Consulting in 2003 and is a regular spokesperson at conferences and universities worldwide. Both The Economist and Forbes have interviewed Mr. Torres, where he was identified as one of the top 3 country branding experts in the world.

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