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Belize Tourism Board Updates on Belize City’s Safety

The Belize Tourism Board sent out a release yesterday wanting to ensure Belize City visitors and citizens alike that the safety and security of all local tourism destinations and attractions is of paramount importance. While the BTB and citizens of the entire country are deeply saddened by the recent random acts of violence that have occurred in certain parts of Belize City, following a press briefing held on Tuesday, January 8, by the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, the Ministry of National Security and the Police Department, The Belize Tourism Board is satisfied that the rapid response by local law enforcement coupled with the implementation of additional security measures has resulted in the containment of the situation in the affected area thereby safeguarding both residents and visitors.
“With the best interest of our visitors and stakeholders, and by extension, our industry, the Belize Tourism Board continues to monitor the situation,” mentioned the BTB release. Since the incident occurred, the BTB has met periodically with local law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of National Security, and continues to dialogue with key partners in Tourism. The BTB recognizes the significance of City Tours, and wants to assure the industry that if the need arises to make further calls, it will advise and act with the best interest of the sustainability and longevity of Belize’s tourism industry.
The BTB further advises cruise ship passengers that while it is satisfied that the situation is under control by the Belize Police Department, common sense should prevail. The BTB urges everybody to exercise a practical amount of caution, refrain from making large displays of wealth; avoid venturing into areas that may appear to compromise safety; and familiarize themselves with personal travel safety tips.

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