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Isla Bonita Elementary School Sister School Relationship

We have heard about sister city relationships as our town has made several of these! But never have we heard of sister school relationship; well Isla Bonita Elementary School will be the first to make this tie with a school from Kingston, Ontario and will greatly benefit from its relationship.

Principal Addy Trejo and members of the school board met with Mrs. Judy Regis, a long time visitor and friend of the island who is the Independent Living Skills Coordinator at Independent Living Center Kingston, Ontario. She will be assisting in arranging the sister school relationship with an elementary school at Kingston, Ontario.

The purpose of the sister school relationship is for both schools to learn more about the language and culture of other countries. It will also bring financial assistance from various fundraising avenues and help to provide necessary equipment, form a pen pal system between students, link with local teachers to provide guidance/assistance, among other things.

With a student count of 116, Isla Bonita Elementary School has asked Mrs. Regis to assist in getting math and science text books, school supplies, art supplies, music instruments and computers for their computer lab. After a brief meeting it was agreed that materials for the school would be coming in by the month of May and that the sister school relationship will officially commence in September 2013.

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