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It’s Raining Cats in San Pedro, SAGA Reports Overpopulation on Island

You might just have one cat or maybe even two. They hang around, entertain the children and hopefully catch mice and rats. They may be house pets, loved by the family for their personality and playful nature. They might just be cats that aren’t really yours but you still put out food for them. All of these cats are capable of having kittens and all of these cats are the reason that San Pedro now has an overpopulation of our furry feline friends.

Often people say ‘Oh I only let her have one litter’ or ‘I can find homes for them’ but if they knew the truth about cats and their amazing ability to reproduce, they would certainly think twice. Just one un-spayed female cat and her mate, along with their offspring will be responsible for producing over eleven million new cats in nine years. Do we really want eleven million cats in San Pedro?

It’s Raining Cats in San Pedro, SAGA Reports Overpopulation on Island

Cat overpopulation in San Pedro is bad news for people and cats. Right now there are hundreds of stray and abandoned cats hiding in bodegas, alleys and only coming out at night to hunt, scavenge and reproduce. These cats rarely live longer than two years as they succumb to injuries and disease. They cause a nuisance by ripping open garbage, fighting and making noise as well as spreading infectious diseases. They have no one to love them or care for them and that is the fault of the people who allowed them to breed and continue to breed. Unfortunately, their irresponsibility has now become the responsibility of the community and SAGA Humane Society.

SAGA Humane Society is already overflowing with cats and kittens. Currently they have almost 30 in their care and very few are being adopted. If you walk around the Town in the evening, you’ll see many sad, sick and very skinny cats slinking between the golf carts and cars. So, what can San Pedro do to stop it from raining cats?  

Neutering and spaying are the only solutions. These are very simple operations that can be performed by the veterinary surgeon and will not only prevent cats from reproducing but will reduce their risk of disease and injury. If our community worked together, we could turn San Pedro into a place where all the cats and kittens have the homes and love that they need and deserve.  

If you have a cat or kitten and you want to do the responsible thing, please contact SAGA about spaying or neutering. If you are worried about the cost, let them know and they will do everything they can to assist through Operation SNIP.

Also, this week SAGA is getting a shipment of 1,000 Operation SNIP collars that have been donated and brought in by supporters. The bright green collars are embossed with Operation SNIP and Saga Humane Society. They will be given to all animals sterilized through Operation SNIP, this will help raise awareness in the community about the program and give visibility to how many animals SAGA Humane Society is able to help. Year to date, they have ‘SNIP’ped 180 animals and they will be getting their collars soon.

If you know of a stray cat that has had kittens or is pregnant, please let SAGA know. To find out how you can help the cats of San Pedro please call SAGA on 226-3266.

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