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The Grid Earth Project Increasing Commerce in Belize through Solar Light

Belmopan , Belize Central America (PRWEB) July 06, 2013 – The Grid Earth Project, is dedicated to economic growth and opportunity through the free distribution of solar lights in the villages of Belize that currently have no access to electricity. This eliminates their need for costly kerosene or candles. The result is instant savings and more disposable income for every family we reach; money that is spent in Belize for other goods and services.

Eliminating dangerous lighting sources saves lives by decreasing fire related deaths and prevents thousands of injuries and illnesses. This leap forward to safe renewable solar light also promotes education. Lamps from the Grid Earth Project provide hours of bright, safe, non-toxic light. Students are studying easier and longer. The result will be a more skilled and educated work force for Belize.

It is our goal to eliminate dangerous fuels in every home in Belize this year. Much work has been done, but there is much left to do. Please visit our website to read about some of our projects in Belize.

We ask you to consider supporting this effort by donating to the Grid Earth Project. Although donations in any amount are greatly appreciated, Corporate Sponsorships exceeding $500 BZ receive their logo displayed on our sponsor page, which links back to your website. Sponsors exceeding $2000 BZ donation receive most prominent logos. All sponsors are represented on the rotating sponsorship banner located on every Grid Earth webpage. Sponsor logos also appear on all Grid Earth Project newsletters and other published materials.

The Grid Earth Project Increasing Commerce in Belize through Solar Light

We are happy to recognize those companies or individuals who support the worthiness of this effort to help improve lives in Belize . Thank you for considering donating to the Grid Earth Project and help put an end to energy poverty.

Eliminating the cost of kerosene or candles for light creates instant savings for rural families — money that is invested in the Belizean economy. The money saved on kerosene by the families of this village will be spent on education, goods and services which will improve both the quality of their lives and the economy of Belize.

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