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Tanya Carter to Perform at International Costa Maya Festival

The International Costa Maya Festival is proud to announce that Belize’s Tanya Carter will be performing at this year’s festival. The lovely talented Tanya is set to perform on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Tanya Carter will be the opening act for international super stars Los Yonics. Be sure to get your tickets and make it this year’s International Costa Maya Festival.

Tanya Carter to Perform at International Costa Maya Festival

About Tanya Carter:   

Coming from a musical family, where her great-grandmother, grand-mother, mother and father were involved with music in some way, Tanya’s love for music came almost naturally. At the tender age of four, Tanya joined the Grace Primary School Choir as the youngest choir member.

The songstress went on to the Edward P. High School where she joined the choir and was introduced to classic and operatic singing. Despite, these influences Tanya was determined that she would become a Reggae singer.

At 18 she recorded and released her first song ‘I Wanna Get to Know You Better’, which was a Dancehall/Reggae fusion and became a hit. Tanya ran into many bumps along her career journey having to deal with a male dominated industry and having to be a tough woman and survive. She was determined to make it through.

After just a year into her career she decided she wanted to assist in the production of her own songs. Tanya became involved in the whole music-making process in order to ensure that what she wanted to express was coming out through her music.

Opening for international acts at home and abroad became a regular for the Belizean national, who has opened for Etana, Lexxus, Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Shyne and Omarion and has headlined Belizean Concerts in Utah, New York, and California. Tanya also found the time to showcase her versatility elsewhere, guest starring in Belize’s popular local series “No Matta Wat” and stunned audiences with her acting prowess.  She was then invited back and given a permanent role.

Between 2010 and 2011 Tanya managed to release her debut album; write, produce and sing one of Belize’s biggest hits; receive regular rotation in the Caribbean, Los Angeles, Africa, Mexico and Lithuania; and win the Best Female Vocalist of the Year award.

However, Tanya has opened a new chapter as she seeks to focus on Reggae and break into the Reggae music market. She has journeyed to Jamaica to work with renowned producer, Christopher Birch, with whom she has recorded and released her newest single “Ex-Boyfriend”

For More information about Tanya Carter visit:
Twitter: @IAmTanyaCarter

Tanya Carter to Perform at International Costa Maya Festival Tanya Carter to Perform at International Costa Maya Festival Tanya Carter to Perform at International Costa Maya Festival

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