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Crime Stoppers Belize Wins Awards and Honors Local Media

Crime Stoppers has been in operation in Belize since 2004 and to date has become a household name after quickly gaining reputation as a legitimate organization that gets the job done by guaranteeing confidentiality to persons who provide tips on crime. Crime Stoppers Belize continues to work arduously to make sure that every household in the country knows about their service and uses it to tackle crime.

One of the ways in which Crime Stoppers Belize is spreading the word about its service is through local television and radio commercials. They have been so good at producing effective commercial spots that in September of this year Crime Stoppers International recognized two of their advertisements. The first was a television ad featuring Marleni Cuellar of Channel 5, Indira Craig of Channel 7 and Anju Gidwani of Love TV and the second was a radio ad  that featured the voices of Dorian Nuñez of Ambergris Today Online, David Marin a former panelist on Reef TV morning show and Jorge Aldana of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper.

All these people, including their respective media houses, and other partners were recognized in return by Crime Stoppers Belize for their volunteered involvement in creating and broadcasting the two commercial spots in a ceremony that was held in Belize City on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Chris Garcia, Chief Operations Officer of Crime Stoppers Belize, mentioned that the organization is working hard in getting an active team of Crime Stoppers in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye for the service to become a strong force against crime on the island. Crime Stoppers volunteer Janelle Chanona also added that the program is heavily dependent on the support of volunteers and has noticed an increase in rewards, indicating that the service is proving effective since rewards are given out when tips produce positive results.

“We consider that a significant factor because it means that people are starting to believe that our program is totally anonymous and feel confident enough to call back and collect their reward and that the system; the process that we have in place to issue those rewards is trustworthy,” commented Janelle Chanona.

Crime Stoppers Belize Wins Awards and Honors Local Media

Chris Garcia accepted media awards on behalf of Crime Stoppers Belize at the 2013 Crime Stoppers International conference held in Barbados

Chris Garcia says that the next step for Crime Stoppers is to target the youth of the country so that they can protect themselves and learn from an early age how to be proactive in crime fighting.

“We are finding out is that a lot of cases that are getting tips to us are sexual abuse cases for children,” commented Chris Garcia. “So I see it and crime stoppers see it as the next step is to try and do something for these children to learn how to protect themselves.”

Crime Stoppers Belize is working to successfully bring convictions for crimes, help the apprehension of international fugitives hiding in Belize, removing firearms off the streets and the recovery of stolen item, all through anonymous tips and successfully keeping the anonymity of the callers. Click here to learn more about Crime Stoppers Belize.

Large signs with the Crime Stoppers toll-free number have already been erected at various locations on the island.

You Can Help!

Help with the fight against crime and make your community a safer place to live:

*Call 0-800-922-8477 with information in connection with any unsolved crime
*Make a financial contribution to Crime Stoppers Belize by calling 604-5437 or visit their website at
*Promote the program to family, friends and acquaintances.

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