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Miss Earth Belize 2013 Off To The Philippines

Belize City, Belize – On August 24th, 2013, 21 year old Miss Amber Reneé Rivero was crowned with the official title of Miss Earth Belize; and, on this coming Saturday, November 9th, Amber will depart the country for the first leg of her journey as the formal Environmental Ambassador of Belize. En route to Manila, Philippines, Miss Rivero leaves Belize and heads to Miami, Florida, for a few days where she will undergo final training for the pageant.
The journey continues on the 14th of November when she leaves Miami for Manila. Upon arriving in the Philippines, Miss Rivero will participate in a number of preliminary competitions before the date of the actual pageant, which includes a swimsuit and a costume competition. In lieu of the actual Miss Earth International theme “International Year of Water Cooperation”, Miss Rivero will model a costume depicting one of the greatest features of the Earth, The Belize Blue Hole. Furthermore, for the first time, this year Belize will take part in the Miss Earth International Talent Competition. Amber intends to wow the judges with a rendition of a piece on the violin called ‘Romanza’, which was composed by our very own Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young.
In Miss Rivero’s acceptance speech, she shared her delight of having the opportunity to make a difference in Belize; however, she is only the spark. Miss Amber Rivero needs the support of you, her fellow Belizeans. Every affirming word makes a world of a difference. In addition, we could show our support by voting for Amber in the official Miss Earth International ‘Miss Photogenic’ competition. This can be done by liking her photo on the Miss Earth Facebook page or by visiting . On the same page, you can again vote for her for the ‘Best Environmental Video’. Show some warm Belizean support to Miss Amber Reneé Rivero, a young lady who is eager to show what Belize has to offer.
The Miss Earth Belize Committee and Miss Earth Belize would like to thank all their sponsors for the unending support: Oceana, Body 2000 Health and Fitness Centre, Belagro Enterprises, Belize Telemedia Limited, J’adore Boutique, Eye Candy, Barrow & Williams, Cuello’s Distillery, NICH, Courts Belize, Mels Magic Touch, Bird’s Isle Restaurant, Celebrity Restaurant, Aero Dispatch Services, Ernie’s Photos, and Lisa Chang. This truly would not have been possible without you.
Miss Rivero will represent Belize and its natural wonders on the international stage at the Miss Earth International Pageant to be held in Manila, Philippines, on December 7th, 2013.

Miss Earth Belize 2013 Off to the Philippines
About Belize International Pageants Ltd.
BELIZE INTERNATIONAL PAGEANTS LTD. (BIPL) has been brought about by the need to establish a reputation of professionally produced Pageants in Belize. This new era of pageants in Belize will prepare the Candidates socially, mentally and physically for local and international competition so that they have the confidence to excel in their private lives as well as their professional career paths. To achieve this, our mission is to build CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATE and EDUCATE young ladies on wardrobe, makeup application, etiquette, body toning and public speaking. The Miss Earth Belize representative will be a goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for Belize as well as its environmental and tourism industries. For more information, please visit or

To become involved with BIPL, whether as a sponsor or volunteer, please contact:
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Amber Rivero, Miss Earth Belize
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