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Intel to Drop McAfee Name from Anti-Virus Program

Since the shocking murder of island resident Gregory Faull in November 2012, John McAfee has been wanted for questioning in Belize and a fugitive from the law in the country. He placed Belize on the international spotlight with his crazy antics and created quite a media frenzy on the island following this controversial story.

Now back home in the US, John McAfee has tried giving Belize a bad name, but to no avail. Thankfully he could not tarnish the good name of Belize and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye as people still consider the country a very popular tourist destination.

Still exhibiting erratic behavior back home, McAfee has garnered himself a bad reputation. For this reason, chip manufacturer Intel will no longer use the name any more for its McAfee antivirus division. The company hopes to break all association with the controversial founder of its subsidiary and to stop using the name McAfee.

Intel took over the renowned company in 2011. Since then, founder John McAfee has been many times in the news in a negative ways; he was suspected of a murder here in Belize where he resided and was also investigated about his association of drug use.

McAfee is not exactly sorry about the removal of his name from the software. He made everyone know never to use the antivirus program and last year posted a bizarre video filled with cursing and scantily clad women on how to remove the software.

The security branch of the chip maker will henceforth be known as Intel Security. The new name will replace the name ‘McAfee’ next year at many places as possible.

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