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Ambulance Service Coming Soon to San Pedro

As our beautiful town of San Pedro grows so does its need of having more public schools, proper infrastructure, police officers for the community and, most importantly, the need of proper medical facilities. It is a definite fact that our lovely island of Ambergris Caye is in desperate need of a 24 hour operating medical facility along with 24 hour ambulance service.

It is with this in mind that Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, of Ambergris Hopes Clinic, has teamed up with other partners to provide the island with this long overdue service.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez is an OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) and general practitioner who currently owns and operates Ambergris Hopes Clinics and plans on expanding his clinic and services to the entire community. Upcoming services will include radiology, ultra-sounds and x-rays, as well as ambulance service with trained paramedics and readily available personnel for any emergency.

Ambulance Service Coming Soon to San Pedro

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez of Ambergris Hopes Clinic

“The ambulance we plan on getting will not be the standard or typical ambulance like they have in the city or the ones you see on television,” stated Dr. Gonzalez to Ambergris Today. “We are planning on getting an all-terrain vehicle, like a Polaris vehicle, which we know would function excellent in the type of roads which we have. It will be fully equipped and functioning as an ambulance.”

Dr. Daniel and partners are currently working on a plan and hopes that the business sector of the island will be willing to help financially so as to have the ambulance service available to the entire public free of charge.

The new two-storey building will include living quarters for medical staff and four rooms for medical offices and radiology. Building plans and contracts are currently being signed and hopefully this project will kick off as early as next month and should be up and running in about six months. More finalized details on this exciting project will be posted as they become available.

Ambulance Service Coming Soon to San Pedro

Ambulance Service Coming Soon to San Pedro

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