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Possible Relocation of the New San Pedro Cemetery

It was opened in late 2013 as the new location of the San Pedro Cemetery due to congestion at the old cemetery located in the heart of downtown San Pedro, but now that new cemetery might just be moved to a new site. The little bit of uneasiness from the community is that there are already six bodies that would have to be exhumed and relocated to the new cemetery, if this happens.

According to San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero the Government acquired land for the cemetery has not been paid for and in the meantime the owners of the land, Holiday Lands, do not want the cemetery there anymore because of a big development project to spring up in that area. Therefore, Holiday Lands has offered a free piece of land in exchange for the present new site in which the six bodies have already been put to rest.

News of this second new cemetery leaked out when a caller to the Reef TV Morning Show posed the question to Mayor Danny, who was caught by surprise. Mayor Guerrero explained that indeed the offer/proposal has been made and that government, in consultation with The San Pedro Town Council, is considering the exchange because government does not have the money to pay for the acquired land made some years ago. The Mayor’s reasoning for accepting the deal would be that tax dollars will be saved with the acceptance of the exchange deal and that the cemetery would be closer to town.

Possible Relocation of the New San Pedro Cemetery

Callers to the Morning Show expressed grave concern that it is disrespectful to the families who have buried their loved ones in the new cemetery. Others are angry at the idea that the government is about to commence selling lots there and relocate to a cheaper place.

It is expected that more consultation will take place before any decision is made, but the Mayor is distraught as to which ‘devil’ let the cat out of the bag a bit too soon because he was planning to make it duly known to his people. Either way, Mayor Daniel is not releasing much details as everything is just in the preliminary stages of consultations and he will inform the public once any decisions have been made.

Possible Relocation of the New San Pedro Cemetery

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