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Security Camera Catches Golf Cart Ram into Utility Pole

A security camera of a private business/home captured this video footage of a golf cart slamming into a utility pole on Seagrape Drive just south of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The driver of the cart was flung out into the street and the passenger slammed into the front windshield of the vehicle.

The accident took place this past Saturday, June 7 at around four in the morning. After the impact, the driver of the cart lay on the ground for a minute while the passenger just walked away from the scene after he regained composure, not even checking to see if the driver was okay.

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A few possible scenarios: 1. Both the driver and the passenger were really drunk and had no idea what just happened to them. 2. The golf cart was stolen so the passenger decided to leave the scene of the accident in a rush without even worrying about the driver. 3. (A funny one posted online) The driver could not get the passenger out of his vehicle so he ran in to a pole and faked his own death. LOL!!! 4. The driver could have been texting, as is very common in San Pedro and, and…well you know.

Joke aside, the residents of the building comment that they live in front of a very funny layout of crossroads and they are used to the loud noises from vehicle brakes as drivers get confused while passing the area.

“We stopped coming out onto our balcony and looking,” commented the residents as they got used to the noise. “This time the very loud bang woke both of us up in the early morning. We went out to see who had crashed into our fence, but luckily (for us) somebody had hit the utility pole on the corner.”

At first you cannot help but laugh when you see the video, for obvious reasons. But looking at the footage more than once, you realize how lucky the passenger was. It is no laughing matter. If it were not for the windshield on the cart he would have slammed his head on the utility pole and suffered serious injuries. Were they drunk? Was the driver just being reckless? The odd reaction of both the passenger and driver makes you wonder what the hell just happened. They were just plain lucky.

With that said, Ambergris Today urges all drivers to be cautions when driving, completely avoid driving when intoxicated and not to drive recklessly. Even with a golf cart you can put your life and the lives of others in danger.

What do you think was the scenario after seeing the video footage? We are curious to hear what you think; kindly comment below.

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