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Promoting Swimming in Belize

Belize has never been in the running for competitive swimming, but this may just be the start. The competitions are being organized by Denise Diaz who has over 10 years experience in swim instruction and has participated in the Lionman competition for just as long.

On Sunday, July 6, 2014, the first open water free style swim was held in Belize City with a modest distance of 350m. This is the first of three planned exercises that are intended to be a precursor to the Lionman competition’s 0.9 mile swim.

Winners for the 350m swim were:
1st Kian Ancona (San Pedro) with a time of 6’25”
2nd Kent Gabourel (San Pedro)
3rd Leon Guild

On July 27 the second competition will be held for a distance of 750m which is half of the Lionman swim. We look forward to the participation of not only those that consider themselves adept swimmers in our arena but also persons that may wish to test the waters and their body to the distance. 

“A big thanks to the Belize National Triathlon Association, the Belize Canoe Association, Krem FM, Fish and Tackle and Oltsil Day Spa for their support. Congratulations to the participants and here’s hoping that you will challenge yourself to the 750m freestyle open water swim on July 27th.”

For more information or logistics contact Denise at 621-6910.

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