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Another Older Person A Victim of Senseless Crime

The National Council on Ageing once again is appalled at the increasing numbers of older persons being targeted and becoming victims of senseless crimes.

Following the vicious attack on the Westby family in Crooked Tree Village and Mr. and Mrs. Augustine in Hopkins Village, resulting in the death of Mrs. Augustine, we hear the case of Mrs. Agripina Coc in San Pedro Columbia. This case is particularly worrying since it appears that Mrs. Coc was aware that she was being stalked by an unknown person.

This was obviously not a frivolous concern of Mrs. Coc and because of her age maybe her concern was not taken as seriously as it should have been.

The NCA once again requests that greater attention be paid to older persons in their communities because they are more vulnerable than most and not able to defend themselves against attackers.

Older persons also need to be more vigilant and make sure they do not walk about on their own at night or let unknown persons into their homes. Also once older persons report incidences to the authorities they need to be taken seriously and attended to.

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