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San Pedro PUP Seven Presents Manifesto 2015-2018

After some delays and setbacks, the San Pedro People’s United Party 2015 municipal councilor candidates presented their Manifesto for 2015-2018 in a very casual setting to the media of Ambergris Caye on Monday, November 3, 2014.

But no fanfare was needed for the party to officially present their manifesto that is very concise, clear and to the point. That is exactly what Mayoral candidate Dr. Giovanni Solorzano expressed as he described the party’s manifesto as one that addresses key issues and points out various areas that need urgent attention in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

“Our manifesto is very concise as we do not want to make so many promises that we cannot keep and eventually disappoint the people on the island,” commented Dr. Giovanni Solorzano. “Obviously there are many more areas we will address and work on, but the main areas that are pointed out in our Manifesto are of major priority and the ones the group believes that we can productively and properly manage within the term that may be granted to our party come election day.”

PUP Candidate Marina Kay stated that the issues addressed in the manifesto came about throughout the lengthy period of the group member’s talks with the island’s constituency, consultation with key island personnel and concerns of the community.

“The issues you see in our manifesto are all concerns from members of our community,” commented Marina Kay. “These are the major issues that have been brought up to all of the PUP party members and candidates when we go out there and talk to the people of this community.”

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

The San Pedro PUP Manifest 2014-2018 highlights 15 areas that include:
1. Transparency and Accountability of the San Pedro Town Council
2. Taxes
3. Streets and Infrastructure
4. Master Plan for Housing and Planning
5. Garbage Disposal
6. Sports and Youth Activities
7. Social Issues & Women’s Affairs
8. Technological Advancement in Administration
9. Bridge
10. Traffic
11. Development & Protection of the Environment
12. Partnership with the People
13. Safety
14. Education
15. Health

Highlights of the manifesto include:
* Order a detailed and precise Forensic Audit Report to determine the true state of the Council’s finances, assets and liabilities.

* Publish quarterly and end-of-year reports as prescribed and mandated by the Town Council Act.

* Revise tax rates to create a level playing field that is fair and equitable to all.

*Liaise with Central Government to ensure that La Isla Bonita gets its fair share in the tax dollars it generates.

*Rehabilitate all streets in San Pedro, not just the main streets/Revive parks/Repair the public pier

*Immediately seek to review, gazette and implement the master plan for the island to benefit all.

* Improve and upgrade the Council’s trucks and equipment for proper collection of garbage.

*Lobby the Ministry of Sports to allocate more funds to the development of sports on the island/Restore and rehabilitate all sporting fields and parks/Reviveand promote more sporting activities

*Revive and activate Women’s Groups for greater participation and input from women/Provide necessary support and assistance for women to implement programs that promote family values.

*Maximize transparency by having the Council’s financial records available on the internet.

*Hold meetings with stakeholders to develop a long-term plan to solve traffic situation on the island.

*Install surveillance cameras at parks and other public areas for enhanced security and safety/Institute a very much needed Municipal Police to assist San Pedro Police

*Lobby Central Government to assist with construction of Government Primary and Secondary school.

*Lobby Central Government for proper planning of a Government Hospital/24-hour health service/establish a medical emergency evacuation plan.

Copies of the San Pedro PUP Manifesto 2015-2018 are available at the PUP Headquarters Office on Pelican Street across Three Bother’s Pawn Shop in downtown San Pedro. The PUP Blue Team will be distributing their manifesto as they reach out to the public and will formally present it at an upcoming event.

For More Information Contact:

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro PUP Seven Present Manifesto 2015-2018

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