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San Pedrano Looks Towards Successful Career in US Army

Upon completing his education at San Pedro High School, Joe Amelio Melgar, known as Joey or Jojo, moved on to the United States of America where he joined the U.S Army. It seems like only yesterday but already Joey has graduated from the U.S. Army Basic Training program at Fort Benning in Georgia. Joey graduated with honors and as team captain with a few awards.  We had the honors of speaking with him and here is what he had to say:

“I started basic training on November 3 at Fort Benning, Georgia which is one of the most decorated and best bases in the USA for developing the best soldiers in the army. I was with 2nd battalion known as the panthers. The company I was with was named Charlie 2-47.

During basic training there were 3 phases I had to go through which is red white and blue phase. Red phase consisted of developing physical fitness and turning a civilian to a soldier. White phase consisted on training without assigned weapons and becoming proficient shooters. Blue phases was all about field exercises whereby we go out on the forest and simulate missions and use all out skills in order to complete the mission.

San Pedrano Looks Towards Succesful Career in US Army

San Pedrano Looks Towards Succesful Career in US Army

The awards I received were for being one of the fastest runners, scoring a 12:05 minutes in two miles; in BRM (basic rifle marksmanship) I got the award of Sharp Shooter for striking down 35 out of 40 targets; and I was also a team leader, meaning I was responsible for 4 other soldiers in my bay. Got promoted from E-1 to E-2.

And now that I have graduated I’m going to AIT in Fort Lee Virginia where I will be studying general mechanic including how to repair a black hawk and apache helicopter for 12 weeks and after that I’m going to go train for airborne, which is jumping out of planes.”

Joe is now moving on to Virginia where he will commence his education career in general mechanics. While he studies, he will also be a 24/7 active soldier on duty. Even though he misses home, Jojo is very happy and is poised to meet the challenges in his career. He claims to be living a dream and is very proud that his mom (Pamela Zetina) and friends challenged him and pressed him on.

Ambergris Today, on behalf of his family and friends salute Joey for his accomplishment and wishes him all the best as he prepares for his career in mechanics.

San Pedrano Looks Towards Succesful Career in US Army

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