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Tennessee Residents Make Heartfelt Donation to San Pedro High

San Pedro High School received a generous donation via visitors from Clarksville, Tennessee, United States on February 13, 2015. The donation consisted of school supplies from typing sheets, pencils, among other items. Jayson Walden’s huge donation is not like any other donation, but a special one close to his heart.

Walden's Kind donation

San Pedro High School Emil Vasquez and Jayson Mayden

Tennessee Residents Make Heartfelt Donation to San Pedro High

Mr. Walden spoke to Ambergris Today and this is what he had to say:

“So one day my mom called and told me that she and my dad were going to take a long vacation overseas. The next few days I had a dream that my dad and I needed to go on a vacation. I called my mom and told her and within five minutes my dad called and asked me where I would like to go; we went to Las Vegas. I had the best time of my life.

Three weeks later my mom called and said my dad had to go to the hospital but everything should be fine. They were leaving that Friday for their eighteen-day vacation; my mother called me Thursday and told me they had to put my dad in a coma to try to fix his digestive system. His last sentence to my mom was “I am sorry that I made us miss our vacation.” Well that Sunday my dad was only living because of all the machines. Well he passed away that Sunday which was Father’s Day in U.S.A.

It was the first time in over 50 years that my mom was alone. I was not good at understanding death. I would call my mom and try to cheer her up. I would tell her to dance (she loved to dance) and watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show because it was a feel good show and Ellen would dance. I would send my mom videos of me dancing to cheer her up.
Halloween was coming around and my mom called and asked me what she should do; leave the light on or not. I surprised my mom with a package, one coupon I gave her that said “one free trip to San Pedro”. I told her that she didn’t have to worry about that light because our trip was the week of Halloween.

My dad and I talked for years about Belize. He was a nature lover and could name every bird sound in Tennessee. He was in education for over 40 years. We stayed at Mata Chica; what wonderful resort. I met Israel a bartender who works there. On my next trip to San Pedro, Belize, Israel showed me the island and realized he had his sister’s pencils in his pocket, so we rushed back to the school. Later, I met Victor the taxi/pastor who also showed me the island and told me about the problems with children and drugs and some quitting school. I also met Officer Shaw who on my next trip drove and helped me clear the land I purchased.

I purchased two lots and would like to share the land with the police, fire department and teachers. I am working on a reward system for these school children where they get a reward for good grades and they can come enjoy the lots with their family.
There is not any real area that the above workers can go and enjoy time with their family. I am asked why did I come to San Pedro, Belize and want to give school supplies to the San Pedro High School. It is dedicated to my dad Dr. Winston A. Walden.

I moved away from home 30 years ago for my career. In that time I could only be with my family a few days a year for holidays. Three years ago I got meningitis and I had to resign from my job of 17 years. During that time I still wasn’t suppose to travel too far.

I think about my dad every day. I found out all the things he did for others. He always told me he was proud of me, I never told that to him. Hopefully, “Walden’s Point”, which I will call the lots, will be to let him know how proud I was to call him dad.”

-Jayson Walden

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