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Saga Humane Society Starts Education Seminars at R.C. School

Students discussed humane treatment of animals, cruelty and kindness – San Pedro Roman Catholic School students were in awe of little Trooper on Monday and Tuesday of last week as they learned about this little puppy, abused and abandoned fighting for his life. They learned of Troopers story while attending a Humane Education program delivered by Sandie Betz-Eisenberg, Saga Director of Humane Education.

“Troopers story is a success, but a sad reality, and that is why this education program is so vital to the enrichment of our community,” states Betz-Eisenberg.
While on vacation from Canada, two visitors discovered a very disturbing scene while walking on the beach. “A group of boys on the beach were throwing him around like a football,”Julie said as she arrived at Saga Humane Society with this tiny near death puppy in her arms. “I just had to take him. Do you think he will live?” Trooper was in such bad shape he couldn’t lift his head, or walk. He was covered with fleas & ticks, full of hookworms, starving and very dehydrated. It took 24 hours for him to respond to the treatment given at Saga and he finally wagged his tail, but he had a long road to a full recovery.

Saga Humane Society Starts Education Seminars at R.C. School

Trooper, a Saga Success Story, gets a little loving from Kelly McGuire at Estele’s Dine by the Sea 4th Annual BBQ Cookoff

After hearing about Trooper the students discussed humane treatment of animals, cruelty and kindness. When asked what does every cat and dog need every day, students answered food, shelter, water medicine and love. The students learned about the importance of being a good dog and cat owner, what Saga Humane Society does and what to do if they see an animal that is sick or being abused. Kathy Marin, Saga Director of Animal Well-Being was on hand for Monday’s presentation and reminded students that humane education and learning to be kind is the key to being a good pet owner and a great neighbor. To round out the afternoon all students were able to pet Trooper. One student, Aaron announced that he would one day become a Veterinarian.
The Saga Humane Education program will run for eight weeks in total and will be presented to each classroom at the RC School. The interactive presentation highlights kindness to animals and each other, and the importance of spaying and neutering all the animals on the island. Students learned that you should never buy a puppy or kitten, when there are already so many animals in San Pedro without good loving homes. They agreed that the best way to get a pet was to adopt one from Saga.

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