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Mapping Town Core with Surveillance Cameras to Fight Crime

With the recent installation of six new surveillance cameras at private businesses on Barrier Reef Drive, Mayor Daniel Guerrero states that the entire length of ‘Front Street’ is mapped and under surveillance with security cameras that have been mounted on the outside of homes and businesses. The cameras are giving access to the San Pedro Police to catch criminals in the act and secure a proper conviction in court.

This is another project that the San Pedro Town Council is working on as a means to fight crime on the island of Ambergris Caye. The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Police Department have made agreements with individuals and businesses that have security cameras along front street to have access to video footage when needed to catch and/or convict a criminal. It has already proven successful in various past cases.

The San Pedro Town Council is now asking the entire island community to join in its efforts to have various areas on the island under security surveillance and have it known to the public that streets and neighborhoods are being monitored. Special interest is being placed on businesses in downtown San Pedro as Mayor Guerrero hopes to have all of Pescador Drive (Middle Street) and Angel Coral Street (Back Street) mapped with surveillance cameras in a matter of a couple of months.

Mapping Town Core with Surveillance Cameras to Fight Crime

Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Mr. Steve Perera outside Love Belize Gift Shop that installed two security cameras.

“I have met with owners of Boaz Golf Cart Rental, Tropic Air and Cellular World and they have all agreed to join the program and will give police access to their cameras,” commented Perera. “We have also discussed the program with Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police, Henry Jemmott, and his department is on board with this initiative.

Enough businesses on Barrier Reef Drive have agreed to share their security camera footage that all of the street is being monitored already. Mayor Guerrero is now asking other island residents to install security cameras on the outside of their homes and businesses to capture activity on the street. The San Pedro Town Council will provide signs for each home/business to indicate that the area is being monitored for criminal activity.

“Most businesses already have cameras installed inside their buildings, but we are asking them to install one on the outside of their property,” commented Mayor Guerrero to Ambergris Today. “This way we can come together to assist the San Pedro Police in capturing and convicting criminals. It’s one way that everybody can easily help and it has proven to be useful and successful in past incidents where criminals have been caught and convicted.”

Residents are asked to contact Mayor Daniel Guerrero at the San Pedro Town Council or community activist/attorney Steve Perera at 610-4444 or email for details as to what is being requested/required by residents to install surveillance cameras to monitor outside of their homes into the streets.

Mapping Town Core with Surveillance Cameras to Fight Crime

Surveillance security cameras across San Pedro Town Hall

Mapping Town Core with Surveillance Cameras to Fight Crime

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