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Rider Fee Increased for Local Flights in Belize

Back in January 15, 2011 the Belize Airports Authority (BAA) announced the implementation of a Rider Fee on all airline tickets sold for local travel in the country of Belize. Passengers were obligated to pay an additional five dollar ($5.00) fee wherever local airline tickets are purchased. This week the Government of Belize and the Belize Airport Authority are announcing a $1 increment on the fee and requiring all Belizean Airlines to collect a $6 rider fee on all tickets segments.

According to a press release from Tropic Air, all tickets issued after May 31, 2015, will automatically have this fee included and that the fee will be charged to every ticket issued regardless of any discount.
For example:
Ticket BZE – SPR – Rider Fee $6.00
Ticket BZE – SPR – BZE – Rider Fee $12.00
Ticket BZE – SPR – TZA – PLJ – Rider Fee $18.00
Back in 2011 BAA Managing Director, Kenworth Tillett indicated that the small fee had become necessary as the Authority sought to secure loans to expand several airports in the country of Belize. No reason was given for an increase in the Rider Fee this time.

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