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Belize Tops List of Home Buying Destinations in the Americas

Whether looking for a place to retire, searching for vacation homes, or daydreaming about living “somewhere sunny and 75,” Americans are searching online for a home away from home. So where do Americans want to move? Recent research compiled by Point2 Homes shows that Belize is the absolute favorite destination for Americans looking to buy vacation homes or to retire. Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico are the second and third most researched home markets.

Not surprisingly, most Google searches for home listings are in laid-back tropical countries, but Canada is also in the top at #7. Similar analysis that looks at the preferences of Canadians looking for homes for sale in the Americas puts Belize again on the top of the list at the #3 destination.

Data compiled is based on monthly Google searches made by Americans for terms related to homes for sale abroad – in countries located in the Americas. The countries were then ranked based on popularity. To compile the analysis, Point2 Homes looked at people’s search patterns – monthly Google searches from the US for specific terms (homes for sale in Mexico, Cancun homes for sale etc.) and pulled out a comprehensive list of keywords, along with their monthly search volume. Then they ranked them based on popularity and put together an infographic (see below) that highlights the preferences of Americans looking to buy a vacation home or find a place to retire.

Belize Tops List of Home Buying Destinations in the Americas

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