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Town Council Starts Relocation of Artisans from Central Park

– Press Release, San Pedro Town Council, Tuesday, November 1, 2015 – The San Pedro Town Council is in the process of restructuring and renovating the San Pedro Central Park, as well as relocating the artisans. It was the intention of the SPTC to have completed the process before the Christmas Season but after re-evaluation and in order to put the right measures in place, the artisans will be relocated on the first working day of the year 2016.

Following a meeting with the park artisans, the SPTC has decided to place some of the artisans on the beach directly in front of the park. This was done to ensure that the artisans were not disenfranchised for the Christmas Season since it is considered one of the busiest times for them. All parties are cognizant of the need to have the park completely free for the entire month of December and available for our families to enjoy during the Christmas Season. As such, the artisans were asked to temporarily relocate to the beach for one month. In addition, the delay will give The SPTC enough time to ensure that the new artisan area is completed with the right facilities as was originally envisioned.

Town Council Starts Relocation of Artisans from Central Park

Town Council Starts Relocation of Artisans from Central Park

The new artisan area will occupy part of the open space directly in front of the Hon. Louis “Cuz” Sylvestre Sports Complex. The space will eventually be transformed into the official artisan area and in the first phase, priority will be given to the legally operating park artisans. Because of the growing demands to have better presentation and a more welcoming environment, The SPTC is in the process of drafting an operational guideline that each artisan will be expected to uphold if they desire to conduct business in the designated artisan area.

In addition, the SPTC has commenced the process to have various open structures built and each artisan will be allowed with equal space to operate. The structure will entail proper electrification, access for bathroom for the artisans and night security. The SPTC will be unveiling measures that will be taken to redirect tourists and visitors to the new artisan area. When the process is complete, no artisan will be allowed to assemble in the Central Park and eventually, all artisans operating in public spaces will be relocated to the official site.

The SPTC is therefore requesting the cooperation of our residents, the park artisans and the general public as we transition into the relocation process of our artisans operating in public spaces.

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