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Unethical Dentist Stopped from Opening Practice in Belize

Dentist arrested in the US for injecting semen into his patient’s mouths attempts to open clinic in San Pedro – Quick action from the San Pedro Police Department has prevented a possible fraudulent businessman from opening his doors to the public and offering his dentistry services to the island community of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The office of Oceanside Dental located at the Four Sisters Plaza on Pescador Drive was shut down before it could open on its inaugural day of business after the San Pedro Police Department was tipped off about the dentist’s past criminal business practices in the United States of America. On Monday, December 7, 2015, the businessman was detained by the police pending investigation into his case.

Unethical Dentist Stopped from Opening Practice in Belize

Dr. John Hall being escorted to the San Pedro Police Station pending investigations

Dentist John Hall was accused in the United States for violating dentistry’s standard of care, engaging in immoral conduct and committing sexual assault or battery. News based site WSOCTV of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, posted an article on July 1, 2005, stating that Dr. John Hall pleaded guilty to seven counts of injecting semen into his patients’ mouths and choosing to go to jail, rather than spend years on probation.

The website SFGATE contained another article published on July 28, 2004, stating patients’ claims of malpractice against the same dentist. That publication cites that “Former employees of a dentist claim the man made female patients unwittingly swallow his semen during visits to his office. Six former patients say he tricked them into swallowing his semen and a seventh claims he jumped on top of her in the dental chair and ‘began to gyrate against her lower body in a sexual manner.’”

That report went on to say that the state’s dental board suspended Hall’s license on November 5, after police began investigating allegations by two former employees. In February, it conditionally restored his license, barring him from being alone with female patients. Hall’s lawyers say the dentist has been falsely accused by disgruntled former employees. (Click to Read entire report)

Henry Jemmott, Assistant Superintendent/Deputy CEO of Police in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye stated that his department has detained Hall and closed his office pending investigations on his acquisitions of a license to legally operate his practice in Belize, and having social security and work permits under different names.

“There are no charges being made on anybody just yet,” commented ASP Jemmott to Ambergris Today. “Mr. Hall will be detained until we are done with our investigations and clarify the matter on hand because I do not want any similar incidents happening on the island like they did in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

According to Jemmott, the Medical Council of Belize which initially gave Mr. Hall a temporary registration to practice dentistry in Belize (on June 22, 2015) has already suspended his license immediately after investigations began. A copy of the license, signed by Dr. George Gough, Chairman of the Medical Council of Belize, states Mr. Hall was approved one year temporary registration to practice at Advance Dental Care with Dr. Gonzalez on St. Thomas Street in Belize City. It also indicated that if he was to provide dental services elsewhere, it must be first supported by the Chief Dental Surgeon Dr. Rafael Samons. Investigations continue as to how he received authorization to operate in San Pedro.

The San Pedro Police Department is investigating the issues behind Dr. Hall’s issuance of a Social Security Card and Work Permit under the name John Roberts Hall on the same date while his temporary registration was granted under the name Robert Bob Hall. ASP Jemmott told Ambergris Today that he is very surprised why no proper background check were made before any legal documents were issued to Mr. Hall who did not deny to him the incidents of his arrest in the United States. A background check at the NC State Board of Dental Examiners indicates that Dr. Hall’s North Carolina dental license has not been restored since it was initially revoked by this agency in 2004.

Unethical Dentist Stopped from Opening Practice in Belize

Unethical Dentist Stopped from Opening Practice in Belize

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