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Adopt a Bear and Help a Child in Need Receive Christmas Joy

You Can Help to Make Sure All San Pedro’s Children Have a ‘Beary’ Merry Christmas – Press Release – Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, celebration and gifts for so many people here in San Pedro.  But, for some families it’s a struggle and for some children, it seems that Santa just passes them by. None of us likes to think of children going without on Christmas day and so, inspired to spread the true spirit of sharing, a local business in cooperation with an international charity, have come up with a great way for anyone who wants to put a smile on the face of a child this Christmas morning by adopting a bear.

Adopt a Bear is the brainchild of business women Britney O’ Daniel, owner of Sandbar Hostel & Restaurant and Kaitlin McWhorter, from Projects Abroad and the concept is simple but genius. All you have to do is pop into Sandbar or Crazy Canucks Beach Bar, who are also supporting this ‘beary’ good idea, and choose a bear from many hanging from their Christmas trees. Each bear has the name and age of a child in need on the back along with their Christmas wish.

Adopt a Bear and Help a Needy Child Receive Christmas Joy

Once you’ve adopted that bear, it’s up to you to make the Christmas wish come true by purchasing the gift, wrapping it and returning it.  It’s that simple.  Britney and Kaitlin will make sure that the presents are distributed and you can sit back and smile on Christmas Day knowing that you’ve made sure that Santa passed no one by.

So, this year, Adopt a Bear for Christmas. They require no feeding or watering, just a healthy dose of kindness and generosity. And, if you can’t make it down to Sandbar or Crazy Canucks in person, just contact Britney or Kaitlin and they’ll help make it happen for you.

If you’re wondering where to shop for gifts, good news from Caye Supplies. They have offered an additional 10% on toys they have already marked down 20% if you bring your bear in with you. That’s so ‘beary’ nice of them!

For more information on how to Adopt a Bear and make San Pedro child’s Christmas wish come true, contact Britney O’ Daniel on 630 1241.

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