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Curfew Imposed on all Belize City Minors after Murders

The Police Department in Belize City was forced to take immediate strong action and impose a 9p.m. curfew on all minors after they detained three underage males involved in two recent homicides in the city.

It’s an unwanted situation for the City but Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stressed that they need to bring an end to the violence on the streets of the city and that the curfew is one method that will assist the department.

“The curfew will help our law-abiding citizens to feel free and safe in our community,” stated Williams to Channel 5 News.

But the City is in shock after knowing the details of the recent murders that involve these minors. It is believed that minors are being recruited by gangs to commit these heinous crimes. As of Thursday evening, March 17, unsupervised minors found outdoors after nine p.m. will be detained by officers. Those detained will be taken to the police station and kept in custody until the following morning when the parents can go for the child.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, police found 18-year-old Mario Trotman’s body in the Jane Usher Area who police believe that a friend lured him to that area and shot him on the head. Police told Belize City media that they caught the 15 year old shooter and that he has been charged, but police are still searching for more answers to close this case.

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