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Oceana Announces Belize’s 2016 Ocean Hero Award Winners

On Saturday, October 1st, Oceana formally recognized two Belizeans as the 2016 Ocean Heroes. They are biologist/zoologist Janet Gibson and activist Wil Maheia.

In her forty year (and counting) career, biologist and zoologist Janet Gibson has played an influential role in just about every marine conservation strategy or resource management strategy developed in Belize. Gibson was also a driving force in securing reserve status for two marine protected areas: Belize’s first marine reserve, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Glover’s Reef Atoll, one of Belize’s three atolls. She was also a key member of the Belizean team that worked to have seven sites within the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System declared World Heritage Sites.

Ocean Hero 2016 – Janet Gibson from OCEANAbz on Vimeo.

On accepting the award, Gibson shared, “We all talk about sustainability and it’s really something hard to explain and may seem unattainable. But I think it can be achieved if we valued our resources more highly. In the longer term, all Belizeans really have to have that behavioral change and attitude towards our marine environment and to really start valuing it properly. And not shutting it away, but using it sustainably.”


Wil Maheia founded one of the most important voices in conservation in southern Belize, the Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment (TIDE), in an effort to safeguard the resources he fell in love with as a child. And to ensure the fishermen he idolized would always be able to depend on the sea for a living, Maheia has simultaneously been a staunch advocate against destructive fishing gear such as gillnets as well as a facilitator of an alternative livelihoods such as fly fishing.

Oceana Announces Belize’s 2016 Ocean Hero Award Winners Janet Gibson Wil Meheia

Oceana Announces Belize’s 2016 Ocean Hero Award Winners Janet Gibson Wil Meheia

Ocean Hero 2016 – Wil Maheia from OCEANAbz on Vimeo.

Maheia says his motivation has been a desire to make sure future generations get to enjoy our marine resources. “And I just feel like, what my kids wah see. What my kids kids wah see? When we are surrounded by so much wealth in terms of natural resources, that if we no take a stand now, then who will?” asks Maheia.

“We’re living in a world of extremes,” shared Oceana’s Vice President Janelle Chanona. “We are experiencing the hottest temperatures ever; the strongest storms; the longest droughts; the worst floods. So too must we be extreme in our efforts to be catalysts for positive change in order to safeguard the resources that make our lives possible. Using their individual strengths, our awardees are leading the charge.”

The Ocean Hero award began as a way for Oceana to recognize and celebrate exceptional accomplishments in ocean conservation, advocacy and education Past Belizean recipients include Lionel “Chocolate” Heredia, Dr. Melanie McField, Lisa Carne, Jamal Galves, Miguel Alamilla and Captain Romi Badillo.


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