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Traffic Accident Causes National Blackout, Baby Delivered with Cell Phone Light

Did you know that it was a traffic accident on the George Price Highway that caused the early morning power outage on Thursday, October 20, 2016? Belize Electricity Limited stated that their workers completed the replacement of two transmission structures that were severely damaged in a traffic accident early this morning, resulting in a countrywide power interruption.

At 1:29 a.m. yesterday, BEL customers across the country experienced power interruptions lasting 11 minutes to 3 hours when a vehicle was accidentally driven off the George Price Highway near Mile 8, hitting a down guy (cable which holds the pole in place) and causing two transmission line poles to break. BEL immediately activated its restoration plan for impacts on the transmission system.

It was during the black out, though, that it was reported that Western Regional doctors deliver a baby using cell phone lights in pitch black conditions. The hospital apparently lost power along with the rest of the country as the mother went into labor. Nevertheless the baby was successfully delivered.

According to the Director of Health Services, the hospitals main generator and portable backup generator both failed even after being serviced in the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, one week prior to the birth of the baby.

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