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Police Warn of Increase in Island Golf Cart Theft

Island authorities are informing the public that there is a band of thieves that is currently stealing golf carts, even if they are securely locked. With a high incident report, the San Pedro Police is advising residents to be on the lookout and to secure golf carts with double locks if possible.

The thieves are even breaking padlocks and a number of golf carts have gone missing from private homes and those parked on the street. Police chief says that during the holiday season the department increases police patrols and that most downtown areas are heavily patrolled. It is the monitoring of neighborhoods that proves more difficult and where thefts are mostly taking place.

The value of a golf cart starts at about $15,000 so authorities urge residents to securely lock them even if you are stepping out of it for just a few minutes. Community policing and increasing neighborhood watch patrols is being recommended so as to target and capture these thieves.

Police Warn of Increase in Island Golf Cart Theft

This is what happens to golf carts in San Pedro when they are stolen. Thieves strip the carts of their parts so they can resell. The remains are dumped along less populated roadside areas.

Police Warn of Increase in Island Golf Cart Theft

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