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FBI Offers $10K Reward for Anne Swaney McComb Murder Case in Belize

On January 14, 2016, Anne Elizabeth Swaney McComb’s body was found downstream of the Mopan River a day after she had went to a deck near the river to practice her yoga as she has done since she got to the Nabitunich Farm Resort for her vacation in Belize.

Anne became an executive producer of online operations at ABC7 shortly after she graduated from the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, in 1998. Anne Swaney had recently celebrated 16 years of working at ABC7. She loved her job and also loved to travel.

She visited many countries including: Costa Rica, Scotland, Turkey, Greece, Iowa, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary Austria and Belize. Not for once did anyone ever think Belize would be her last destination.

Now, a year later her murder continues to be investigated by the police force in Belize and by the FBI in Chicago. The FBI has now offered $10,000 USD to anyone who has information into capturing the killer.

A man by the name of Victor Franco had been considered as a person of interest. He was found near the river shortly after Anne’s body was found. He was held in custody but was released shortly; he was only charged for entering the country illegally.

Her ABC7 family in Chicago, along with the FBI, is working hard in finding out who did this to their co-worker and friend. “The longer the case goes unsolved the harder it is to solve. And cold cases rarely solve,” said Gil Soffer, an ABC7 legal analyst and former federal prosecutor.

FBI Offers $10K Reward for Anne Swaney McComb Murder Case in Belize

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