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Immigration Department Experiencing Technical Difficulties, to Issue Temporary Passports

The Belize Passport Office has issued an notice explaining that it is presently experiencing technical difficulties with the passport printing process.  

The Immigration Department will be providing temporary passports, in emergency cases, to persons whose passports are exhausted, lost (6 weeks waiting period apply), damaged or mutilated, and who demonstrate a need for urgent travel. Temporary passports will be processed within one (1) week, with validity for one (1) year at the normal fee of $30.00.

Starting 7th March 2017, machine readable passports (MRP) that have expired, but have blank pages, will be extended for 1 year.  Extensions will be processed in one week free of cost, on completion of the form which is available at the district offices, overseas and on the Immigration & Nationality Service (INS) website at  Persons residing overseas should contact the nearest Belize Embassy or Consulate to access this extension process.

The various Immigration Offices will continue to accept applications for processing of passport applications and these applications will be processed as soon as the system becomes functional. The Department continues to work to find a solution to this problem.

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