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Johnny Depp Will Play John McAfee in Upcoming Biopic Movie

Oh no, not again! First Showtime released the documentary ‘Gringo: The Dangerous Live of John McAfee” about his bizarre and scandalous life of tech millionaire John McAfee in Belize. Now it has been announced that A-list celebrity Johnny Depp will play the role of McAfee in a new and upcoming biopic.

I guess that Belize has had enough of John McAfee and we don’t need to be reminded of all the mess he made and left behind, but once again there is another movie about him and Belize coming out. This time, According to Deadline, the Pirates Of The Caribbean Star will play McAfee “as he takes a… magazine writer on a darkly comic Apocalypse Now-like tour at his Belize compound, a trip filled with paranoia, machine guns, sex and murder”.

Details are sketchy at present, but says the film – that allegedly has the working title ‘King Of The Jungle’ – will apparently be based on the notorious episode in which McAfee went on the run from Belizean police in an unbelievable incident involving meth labs, alleged police frame-ups and the murder of McAfee’s neighbor.

The story of John McAfee is well-known in the tech world. After selling his cyber security company for a princely sum, he moved to Belize in 2008. After some time living in the country he was accused by the government of manufacturing narcotics and owning unlicensed firearms, and he allegedly surrounded himself with gang members. When his neighbor turned up with a bullet wound to the back of the head, McAfee went on the run, saying he believed the bullet was meant for him.

The authorities say they only wanted him for questioning, while McAfee told Wired that he was convinced they were out to “silence” him. Eventually, his location was given away by the Vice journalists that were traveling with him; metadata embedded in a photo they posted to social media revealed that he had fled to Guatemala – he was eventually sent back to the US.

While McAfee has previously called out inaccurate reports about him, after a company mistakenly claimed he was their chief security officer – he retweeted stories about the movie, suggesting it is a film that is in the works. Still, due to McAfee’s erratic and sketchy behavior, many do not believe his outrageous stories.

In a Business Insider opinion piece, McAfee wrote last May: “My most prominent act of civil disobedience occurred in Belize, when I refused to be extorted by the government. This led to a series of events that to this day, no fictional movie has matched.” Now that movie might finally be made.

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