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New Video Shows Alleged Police Brutality during Morning Shooting in San Pedro

Island residents woke up this morning to shocking footage of an altercation that took place at Central Park, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize involving night club patrons and San Pedro Police officers. During the incident shots were fired by a police officer in which four bystanders were injured.

San Pedro Police Department reported the shooting incident taking place between 4:15am and 4:30am on April 1, 2017 at Central Park. Investigations from the police department reveal that officers were performing duties at Central Park when a fight ensued between patrons who were leaving Daddy Rock night club, adjacent to the park. The police intervened, however the matter escalated and one of the officers fired shots from his issued firearm resulting in four persons being injured.

The extent of the injuries have not yet been ascertained, but no one received major injuries, according to the police. Three people received injury on the foot and one to the eye.

The Commissioner of Police says he is disturbed by a video he saw of the incident and as is customary in all police related shootings, he has directed Commander Professional Standard Branch to fully investigate the criminal and disciplinary aspect of this incident.

Eye Witnesses Report Police Brutality and Misuse of Firearm

Island residents today remain in shock at the action of the police officer who fired the shots even though there were many innocent bystanders in the area. Concerns of personal safety and security from the Police Department now plague residents who are afraid of the authority who is there to protect them.

Eye witnesses claim that the incident commenced with a women inside the club and a police officer who was allegedly drinking and/or intoxicated. When the altercation escalated outside the club, the woman was detained by the officer and handcuffed. It is then, our eye witness video footage shows  the officers beating and kicking the woman as she laid on the ground while restrained in handcuffs.

Reports say that it was when bystanders attempted to stop the officer from beating the defenseless woman that shots were fired.

Ambergris Today contacted San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who assured that proper action will be taken once he has communicated with officer in charge Henry Jemmott. We are awaiting an official statement from his office.


Throughout the day Ambergris Today has been bombarded with the following questions that remain unanswered:
1. Have the officers in question been detained?
2. Were the officers intoxicated?
3. Were the officers on active duty?
4. Will the identity of the officers be officially released?
5. Have any charges been made towards the officers?
What questions do YOU have for the Belize Police Press Office?

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