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Two San Pedro Police Officers Arrested After Weekend Shooting

Police reports today indicate that on Sunday April 2, 2017, police arrested and charged 27-year-old police officer Norman Coye, with two counts of Wounding and 22-year-old police officer Darnell Madrill, for one count of wounding as investigation continue into the shooting incident that took place at Central Park.

Police Report:
On Saturday, April 1, 2017, at 2:36 p.m. Alfredo Gaspar Cowo Mancia reported that at about 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 1, 2017 while at the Central Park he reportedly saw PC Norman Coye, PC Madrill and PC Magana dragging two females and began recording the incident with his cell phone.

He was approached by PC Madrill who told him to stop videoing and tried to take away his cell phone.  PC Madrill reportedly then punched him on the nose causing it to bleed.

His brothers Jose and George Cowo approached the officers and PC Coye told them to leave and when they refused he told the other officers to detain George Cowo. George ran away but was caught by PC Madrill and when Jose and Alfredo went to talk to PC Madrill, PC Coye came toward them and pulled out his 9mm.  He then felt a blow on his left eye and saw PC Madrill with a shot gun in his hand.

PC Coye then started to shoot in front of his feet and as he stepped back, he saw his right foot bleeding.  He also saw PC Madrill shooting and then noticed his left big toe bleeding also.  He was detained and taken to the Police vehicle where he was later transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic.

But while two officers have been arrested, many questions remain unanswered as to what other actions the Police will take against the rogue officers.

* Only two of three police officers have been charged with wording.
* There have been no charges against the officers for discharging weapon (possible attempted murder), and assault of other victims.
* No statement from the female victim released.
* The police report is only the accounts of one bystander who was injured

Island residents are urging that strict disciplinary action be taken against these officers who have left islanders feeling unsafe and less trusting in the Police Department. Unnecessary and rogue conduct by officers, especially against residents is unacceptable.

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