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Seven Year Old Girl Abducted by Grandmother

Hade Anaide Chacon, 32yrs Belizean Prep Cook of San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town visited the San Pedro Police sub-formation and reported that on Saturday June 3, 2017, about 8:00p.m. she dropped off her seven-year-old daughter Hamy Alena, Reyes Belizean student of Ambergris Elementary School, at her babysitter in the San Mateo area and went out with a friend.

As per the Police Report, Hade stated that on Sunday, June 4, 2017, she went to the babysitter’s house around 11a.m. to pick up her daughter but was informed  that she went to church along with her kids. Hade then decided to wait at the house up until 12:00midday.

The babysitter’s children arrived at home and she inquired of the whereabout of her daughter. She was reportedly told that “Hamy had gone with her grandmother to her house and did not return to the church or with us”. 

Hade then continued to wait at the house until 5:00p.m. after which she then left and went to her sister’s house where her mother Maria Quixchan was staying. Upon arriving there she asked her sister for her daughter Hamy. She was told that her mother had taken Hamy to Guatemala at about 10a.m.

She then made checks inside the house and noticed that neither her mother or daughter were at home. Hade visited the police Station to make a report because she did not give her mother permission to take her daughter out of the country.

Hamy is of light skin, has light brown shoulder-length hair, dark brown eyes and slim built. Hyde’s mother is about 4ft in height, has long white hair, is medium built, Guatemalan who is presently living in San Andres, Petén, Guatemala.

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