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What If You Could Make a Difference?

The story the of Faye Lin Cannon has shocked the San Pedro community and brought many together seeking Justice for Faye. Today we present you with words from Faye’s Father, Mr. Cannon, pleading for your help. 

My name is Dave Cannon,

I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon.  I would like to thank the Citizens of San Pedro Town for your heart felt  condolences and your support for my daughters and I during these difficult times. I know that Sanpedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters and dedicated  to Justice For Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last 5 years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed,  first hand , how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Dept. and make a Sworn Statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officers, so that  the TRUTH WILL  COME OUT!!

This is the Very Best  opportunity for Sanpedranos to help achieve Justice For Faye Lin Cannon!!
In fact this is the Very Best opportunity to achieve Justice For All Of My Daughters!!

Please understand, that the next step in the Trial for the Charges of Cruelty to a Child, is on
August 24 2017. As has been reported in the Media, that will be the Discovery Phase of the Trial, when the Director of Public Prosecution will bring evidence before the Judge to support the charges of Cruelty to a Child. So it is very important that anyone who has information regarding how my daughters were treated, please come forward and make a Sworn Statement to the Police as soon as possible. That way your Statement can be processed by the Police and the
Director of Public Prosecution in time to be presented  to the Judge on August 24 2017.

Please, Please come forward and make your Statement to the Police!!!
Your Statement will have a positive effect as Evidence in the Director of Public Prosecutions Case!!
Your Statement will make a difference!!

Each and every one of your Statements will be greatly appreciated by my Daughters and I!!

Thank You!
Dave Cannon
August 10th 2017

Our Ambergris Today family supports Mr. Cannon in asking the community to come forward with any information that could lead to resolving this case and bringing peace to Faye’s surviving sisters. As members of this community we have a responsibility to protect and defend our children against injustice. If you witnessed cruelty to any of the Cannon girls please take a moment to ask yourself, What if your statement could make a difference?

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