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Justices of the Peace Cannot Charge for Services

The Attorney General’s Ministry has issued a release stating that it continues to receive reports of Justices of the Peace soliciting remuneration for services they provide. The Ministry reminds the public that Justices of the Peace are wholly disallowed from requesting or accepting any form of consideration for the duties (which they have signed an Oath of Allegiance and Office) they are to provide voluntarily, without fear or favor, affection or ill-will, as a civic duty.

The Ministry informs that any Justice of the Peace found to be guilty of soliciting any form of consideration from citizens will be removed, Pursuant to Section 3 s. 4(b) of the Justice of the Peace Act (Revised Edition 2011) which states:

(4.) The Attorney General may revoke the appointment of a Justice of the Peace or a Senior Justice of the Peace by a Warrant of Removal where,

(b.) the person has engaged in acts of misconduct and the Attorney General, after giving the person an opportunity to exculpate himself in writing, is satisfied that the person is no longer a fit and proper person to be a Justice of the Peace or a Senior Justice of the Peace.

Citizens who have encountered a Justice of the Peace requesting payment are asked to make a formal complaint to any of the Attorney General Ministry’s offices, any Magistrate Court or Police Station, or, by submitting a written complaint to the Ministry by way of email at

Finally, the Ministry reminds all Justices of the Peace of the Code of Ethics to which they are subject and encourages both Justices of the Peace and the public to engage each other within strict compliance of the Act.

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