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Belize Chocolate Company Boutique Announces “Go Straw-less” Campaign

On October 1, 2017, Belize Chocolate Company (BCC) will start its “Go straw-less” campaign. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic straws that end up in our oceans and on our beaches, BCC will be encouraging all their customers to “Go straw-less” when buying a milkshakes or cold drink.

Between the US and UK nearly 550 MILLION plastic straws are used every day.  These straws will be on our planet and in our oceans forever as they take 200 years to breakdown and remain as tiny toxic particles.  As an incentive for every customer who chooses to “Go straw-less”, Belize Chocolate Company will contribute $1Bze to Oceana.  “We are really hoping that our customers will support this campaign and we would like to encourage other businesses to do the same” said Chris Beaumont, Owner, Belize Chocolate Company. Contributions to Oceana will be published monthly.

In addition, Belize Chocolate Company have launched a “Go Straw-less” poster competition, open to all Primary school and High School Children of Belize.  The poster which must use the words “Go Straw-less” will be used in all publicity and posted in Belize Chocolate Company Boutique.

Prizes of gift certificates for chocolate for $75Bz, $50BZ and $25 BZ will be given for first, second and third prize. For more information and rules email

Belize Chocolate Company Boutique Announces “Go Straw-less” Campaign

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