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Kristin Marin Appointed in Caribbean Regional Youth Council Team

Belize on Caribbean Regional Youth Council Executive – The National Youth Council of Belize (NYCB) announces the installation of Kristin Marin as the Vice Chair of Membership and Partnership on the executive of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC).

Ms. Marin was nominated by the National Youth Council of Belize as a candidate to vie for the post and the nomination was accepted by the electoral board of CRYC by way of returning officer, Ms. Tamar Moss of the Bahamas. The elections were on the agenda as the second sitting of the General Assembly for the 5th Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit which took place at Runaway Bay, St. Ann in Jamaica where ten of the thirteen member states were present.

The observers included secret ballot counters, the CRYC electoral board and the designate UN representative from UNDESA. This third round of elections for CRYC closed at 1:05am and it was announced that Belize came out victorious over Guyanese contender, Onika Stellinburg, with six of the ten votes.

It is notable to mention that after a majority vote of none confidence for the position of Board member for Information and Communication elections for that post was reopened. Ms. Stellingburg was re-nominated by a sitting substantive member of the general assembly along with two other opponents and won that post with a majority vote.

Kristin Marin Appoined in Caribbean Regional Youth Council Team

The full executive is as follows:
Board member for training and development- Kimberly Gilbert (Trinidad and Tobago)
Board member for Information and Communication- Onika Stellingberg (Guyana)
Vice Chair of Resource and Mobilization- Marcus Ambrister (The Bahamas)
Vice Chair of Policy and Advocacy- Michelle Thomas (Jamaica)
Vice Chair of Membership and Partnership– Kristin Marin (Belize)
Chairperson-Shaquille Knowles (The Bahamas)

This is indeed a phenomenal feat for youth development and representation of Belize on a regional level as recognized by the returning officer at the installation ceremony and underscored by the fact that Belize is the newest member of the CRYC general assembly. Join us at the National Youth Council of Belize as we congratulate Ms.Marin and this truly national achievement!

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