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The Caribbean Adventure Ambassador 2017 is Rowan Garel

Congratulations to Rowan Garel of Belize for winning the title of Caribbean Adventure Ambassador of the Year for 2017 with 1,975 votes!

Rowan Garel was born blind but that adversity has not been an obstacle in his life, much less hindering him from undertaking extraordinary feats. He is the only visually impaired person to ever climb Victoria Peak, Belize’s second highest mountain standing at over 3,000 ft. above sea level.

He trekked 74.7 miles from Belize’s western border to Belize City in five long, gruelling days under the sweltering sun and dived the Great Blue Hole of Belize, a world-class destination for recreational scuba divers which is 410 feet deep. By all paradigms, these are amazing and record-breaking achievements.

However, far from seeking popularity, Rowan has undertaken these formidable tasks propelled only by his passion to serve and raise funds for needy children in Belize. His efforts have been exclusively for an exceptional cause and his fervidness for exploring the natural beauty of Belize and its many adventures. His efforts have been dedicated exclusively to raising funds for the Belize Council for Visually Impaired (BCVI). This has not only increased public awareness of the services offered by BCVI, but the organization has also been able to expand its services to visually impaired people throughout the country of Belize.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization also congratulates their other contestants; Jake Kelsick of Antigua & Barbuda (1, 471 votes), Jeremie Tronet of St Vincent & the Grenadines (896 votes), Courtenay Bushman Rooks of Trinidad & Tobago (542 votes), and Mario Rigby of Turks & Caicos Islands (387 votes) who made it to the top five! “We love the work that you do and we hope that you will continue to spread the spirit of adventure throughout the Caribbean.” – The Caribbean Tourism Organization

The Caribbean Adventure Ambassador 2017 is Rowan Garel

Rowan Garel Climbs the Victoria Peak

The Caribbean Adventure Ambassador 2017 is Rowan Garel

Rowan Garel Dives The Blue Hole

The Caribbean Adventure Ambassador 2017 is Rowan Garel

Rowan Garel Walks Across Belize

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