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David Cannon Reunites with Three Daughters After Receiving Full Custody

A Christmas Miracle – On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, David Cannon was granted custody of his three daughters by the Belizean court after what seemed an eternity, following the death of his fourth daughter Faye Lin Cannon on July 3, 2017.

The entire country of Belize breathes a sigh of relief knowing that David’s three daughters are back with their father who has gone above and beyond in obtaining full custody of them and away from harm’s way in the hands of Anke Doehm.

Thirteen-year-old Fay Linn died under the care of her adoptive parents Anke and David Doehm under questionable circumstances. Anke is still under a “Cruelty to a Child” charge in the Belize Court of Justice pending investigations in the death of Fay Lin. David Doehm took his life away on October 5 under the stress that followed Faye’s death.

Memorial Service held for Faye Lin Cannon on Ambergris Caye

Both Cannon and Doehm were present at the custody hearing that lengthened after Anke had contested custody of her adopted three daughters. The judge basically stated that there was overwhelming evidence that it is in the best interest of the children to be with their father.

Friends close to Cannon explain how he did everything in his power to make sure that his girls were properly taken care throughout the time they were held in custody of Children Services in Belize during the custody trial. He even placed the girls back in school, something both Anke and David Doehm had been depriving them for a few years while living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Cannon stayed in Ambergris Caye since he arrived in the country on the day of his daughter’s death. He traveled to Belize City on a regular basis for custody hearings, to visit his daughters and make sure they were taken care of. It was just two weeks ago that he moved to Belize City. His only time away was on a 3-day visit to his home in the US as the court ordered a Social Inquiry Report to assess his living conditions and well-being. He took a red eye flight back to Belize immediately to be back on time for his visitation so as not to disrupt his daughters’ schedules.

Anke Doehm has been living in a single room apartment in Belize City after moving from San Pedro when the court ordered her to report to the Queen Street Police Station every week.

David Cannon tells Ambergris Today that he is extremely grateful to the Belizean community who offered him kindness and compassion during his stay and ordeal. He extends gratitude to the people at Corona del Mar for assisting him with accommodations.

Cannon confirms that his daughters are doing well, receiving much of his love and attention and that he has a welcoming home for them back in the US. There they will go back to school, receive counseling and have a room of their own at home. They are scheduled to head back to the US this weekend just in time for the Christmas holidays and to celebrate Siri’s upcoming birthday.

Happy Birthday Siri! Ambergris Today and the Belizean community wish you a Merry Christmas and a fresh new start with your loving family.

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