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PUP Taking Court Action for New Election in San Pedro

In a statement released by PUP Belize Rural South and PUP Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez, he made it clear this afternoon, Friday, March 9, 2018, that his party cannot concede defeat at the municipal elections that were carried out on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Attorney at Law Mr. Eamon Courtney stated that after reviewing the official papers that were signed off by the Elections and Boundaries Commission that there are 275 ballots that cannot be accounted for, at minimum. He stated that 275 missing ballots puts the elections at dispute and thus the party will go to court.

“There needs to be a new election in San Pedro and that is what we will be fighting for,” commented legal advisor the the PUP, Attorney Mr. Eamon Courtney to Ambergris Today. “Briefing with the party leader, the decision has been taken in consultation with the San Pedro Branch of the Party, that we are moving forwards with the courts because we believe that we have been robbed by the elections in San Pedro.”

“Our numbers are showing that we won the elections,” continued Courtney. “And so the party is mobilizing all its resources to fight. We are going to fight for every vote and we expect as a result of the recount and the re-election, there will be a PUP Town Council in San Pedro.

Below is a statement given out by PUP Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez

Dear residents of San Pedro,

First of All, on behalf of the PUP7, I would like to say a big thank you and that we are extremely grateful for your overwhelming support on March 7 and all the messages and greetings that continue to pour in.

We want to share with you all that we firmly believe that there is more than enough evidence to support that major discrepancies occurred on Election Day. Because of this, I owe it to the voters of San Pedro to state that we CANNOT concede defeat. Any further decisions or actions to be taken are now in the hands of our National Executive and legal advisors.

Andre Perez
Mayoral Candidate of San Pedro PUP7

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