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Mexico Proposed Trinational Jaguar Reserve with Belize and Guatemala

According to Riviera Maya News an announcement for the proposal of a jaguar reserve has been made by head of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas of Mexico.

Alejandro del Mazo Maza of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), announced that Mexico plans to create a trinational reserve with Belize and Guatemala to protect the jaguar.

“It is a project that we are already working on with Guatemala and Belize, countries that have shown interest in collaborating and establishing this protection in a trinational way in the first protected natural area for the feline.

“There is already a political disposition, so we are working on the definition of the polygon and the challenge is to continue with the plan to make it a reality this year.”

The announcement was made at the recent International Jaguar Forum 2030 in New York. During the forum, del Mazo Maza revealed that over the last eight years, their population in the Yucatan has increased by 10 percent thanks to monitoring efforts.

The feline is the largest endemic of the American continent, and its historical geographical distribution extends from the south of the United States to the north of Argentina, across 18 countries.

However, its population has decreased in at least six nations, which is why they are in need of biological corridors to ensure their conservation. The latest death of a female jaguar in Riviera Maya was hard for researchers.

Mexico already has a program to improve livestock practices to reduce conflict with the jaguar, which includes fences that make it difficult for felines to attack livestock, and insurance to compensate affected producers, however, poaching remains a problem.

The main thing is a protocol, researchers say, which is unique in the world, to attend to the cases of capture and relocation of the species.

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