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Tracy Eiley Gomez Sworn-in as Justice of the Peace in Florida

On Thursday, March 15, 2018, five Belizeans residing in Florida were sworn-in as Justices of the Peace by the Attorney General of Belize Hon. Michael Peyrefitte at the Consulate of Belize in Florida. The men and women who have answered the call to serve are Mrs. Tracy Gomez, Ms. Deborah D. Duncan, Mrs. Glenda Lewis, Mr. Jason Guild and Mr. Philip Mckay.

Having Belizeans serving as Justices of the Peace in Florida will help to facilitate Belizeans needing urgent assistance in authenticating documents and will alleviate the burden of travelling to Belize to resolve their paperwork. The newly sworn-in Justices of the Peace will receive additional minor training in immigration and land-related matters so as to preempt delays. The Hon. Consul General of Belize in Florida Mrs. Janine Sylvestre was present during the ceremonies.

Tracy Eiley Gomez is a born Sanpedrana residing in Florida and is the daughter of Mr. Norman and Mrs. Susana Eiley (El Fogon Restaurant). On behalf of the entire community Ambergris Today takes this opportunity to congratulate Tracy Gomez!

Tracy Eiley Gomez Sworn-in as Justice of the Peace in Florida

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