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Son of the Late Paisano Hajjara Murdered in Belize City

Island residents are saddened with the news of the passing Habib Hajjara, son the late Paisano Hajjara, and Belize’s latest victim of gun violence.

According to reports, sometime around 3:47a.m. on Sunday, May 6, 2018, Belize Police responded to reports of shots being fired at the corner of Mahogany Street and Western Ave. On arrival police observed a silver Nissan Sentra, four door car with license plate # D7781 parked on the right hand side of Mahogany Street towards the direction of Complex Avenue. Inside the car was the motionless body of a Hispanic male person seated in the driver’s seat apparently dead.

He was identified to be 36 year-old, Sbeiro Habib Hajjara, a Honduran, Taxi Driver of a Raccoon Street Belize City. He had what appeared to be three gunshot wounds to the right upper rib cage and one to the forehead. Initial investigation revealed that around 3:27am he left a night club in the city to drop off a female passenger. At about 3.47am several shots were heard at said location where he was found. Belize Police continue their investigation.

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