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Why Does This Golf Cart Wheel Clamp Have Islanders in Dispute?

A recent picture of a golf cart with a wheel clamp has stirred up quite some conversation and confrontation after it was posted on Facebook this week. The topic of dispute, or what was claimed on the post, is that residents going against the traffic laws or parking regulations will find themselves paying $75 to have this wheel clamp removed from their vehicle. Is this a new measure of law enforcement by the San Pedro Traffic Department?

While some residents argued that it is right for the property owner to attach the wheel clamp on the golf cart that was parked in their property for days, others insist that the property owner has no right to such action. Arguments ensued as to who has legal rights; if owners have the right to stop anyone from parking on designated parking areas; can business owners claim “NO Parking” sections on their property; should residents be charged for parking in red zones and many more issues of traffic congestion and parking problems.

Some island residents were furious when they heard that they had to pay $75 to have the wheel clamp removed to the owner of the property. Is he allowed to do so: and where does the San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) come into all of this?

Why Does This Golf Cart Wheel Clamp Have Islanders in Dispute?

Our investigation into the matter led us to find out that there was much wrong information posted on social media. In speaking with Chris Nunez, head of the SPTD, we found out that there are no new laws in place to use the wheel clamps, the business owner in question is not attaching the clamp to private golf carts in his property and that here is no $75 fine to have it removed.

Nunez informed Ambergris Today that the image on the facebook post shows that of an island resident placing the wheel clamp on his golf cart as a means of theft prevention, much like how most cart owners place a pad lock on their steering wheel. There are no new laws, fines or actions in place by any business owner.

Much ado about nothing? Maybe; but it does raise a lot of issues an concerns about the traffic situation on the island the still need to be addressed by local authorities.

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