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Belize Defence Force Addresses Illegal Farming Activities on Belizean Territory

Belmopan. May 29, 2018. The Ministry of National Security has deployed Belize Defence Force (BDF) assets to areas in southern Belize to investigate reports of cutting down forest areas for illegal farming.
The first report to Belizean authorities was made late last week by Otoxha Village Alcalde, Mr. Santiago Peck. The villagers reported that they have come across several areas within Belize that appear to have been cleared by farmers from across the border.

The BDF is in the area monitoring the situation and working with the area alcaldes and villagers to gather as much information as possible and offer security where needed.

A statement issued by Ministry of National Security states:
“The Ministry of National Security has received information of illegal farming in various areas in western and southern Belize. The Belize Defence Force continuously deploy patrols in these areas to prevent and deter illegal activities.
Where these activities are discovered within the adjacency zone the Ministry, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, works with the OAS (Organization of American States) to conduct verification and subsequently destroy any illegal farming that is discovered.

Where these discoveries are east of the border and not within the adjacency zone they are destroyed immediately. The Ministry of National Security encourages any persons that come across any illegal activities conducted in these areas to report them to the authorities so that an assessment can be made and the appropriate actions are taken.”

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